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Ballet Kitten.

Nope wait Jr hasn't suddenly developed a mad skill at ballet - although he can be ninja quiet when he wants to come in and not be caught. No the title refers to a crochet project in fact the very first crochet project I have designed completely myself. Since I caught the crochet bug six years ago I have been building up my set of skills but I'm always nervous of trying something new anxious that it will all go horribly wrong but I gave myself a talking to after all it's crochet not brain surgery I can just unravel it and start again if it does go wrong. One of the people I work with saw the dancing cats on the front of Love Crochet and said her five year old daughter would like something like that and after finding out her favourite colour was pink I set to work. You see I wasn't particularly fond of the pattern on the front and thought I could do better so I got on with it, my only annoyance is that I didn't write the pattern down as I went, ah well I'll just have to make another one won't I. I'm also hoping I can sell them made to order in my Etsy shop when I get it up and running again I can do made to order in pretty much and colour, I think I want to design a fairy next but I'll go the more traditional route of making a sketch an plan first though for now I'm going to be making bunnies and Easter chicks to start my shop off with I also have a plan for a Halloween themed bear and a bride doll.

Here's a couple of pictures of the ballet kitten

Its not obvious from the picture but the leotard and ballet shoes are made from sparkly pink yarn, the tutu is 5 layers of sparkly net and I just couldn't resist adding the rosebuds. I know she looks simpler than some of my other projects and I'm already thinking of refinements but overall I'm pretty pleased.

In other news Cato the Elder and Professor Picklepants have been vanishing the last few days whenever they think I'm about to take a photo so showing you my fur babies is taking longer than I thought. Due to the cold weather Lady J and Jr are making a concerted push on the moving in front to the point where I'm almost ready to throw up my hands in defeat and say 'Fine we have four cats, now get your dirty paws of my kitchen sides!' The Railway man however staunchly continues to remind me that we couldn't take them on if we wanted to and hardens his heart to throw them out ...... again. Also I am thinking that on friday I might make marmalade and flapjacks, I do love homemade marmalade and I've never made flapjacks but I like them so I thought I'd give them a go.

Right I'm off and I'm definitely starting a bunny this time xx

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