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Custard and Meringues.

No probably not together at least for me personally, one was however the result of the other, I made the custard layer for the Railway Man's latest trifle and had 3 perfectly good egg whites left over which I didn't want to waste so of course meringues seemed the obvious answer. I've decided this year I need to waste less food and otherwise and work through using the craft materials I have rather than buying more (despite the temptation). I'm also going to try gardening we have what could be a lovely garden but I grew up without one and the Railway Mans was paved so we've been looking at the garden every spring for more years than I care to tell you saying 'what on earth do we do with that?!'

To this end I have purchased a cheap pair of wellies and some gardening gloves and intend to start clearing it bit by bit between the rain. I also want to have a couple of fruit trees definitely apple but I'm not decided on the other, feel free to comment, I'll keep you updated. I'd also like raspberries as I do love making jam.

After all this talk of using things up I'm excited by my yarn delivery, though this was for particular projects for which I had nothing suitable. All the yarns are lovely and I have already started making a teddy in the pink and the cream, the colours made me think of strawberry and vanilla ice creams.

As well as all this yarn lusciousness my bi monthly Crafting with Hunky Dory magazine also arrived, it always comes with a variety of extras and is absolutely packed full of ideas which is a refreshing change from most magazines these days that seem to be increasingly full of adverts.

This time there's a card kit in beautiful rich colours, they always give you toppers and matching card, sparkly stick on gems and an embossing folder that I'm itching to try I just haven't had a chance yet. If you love making cards and haven't discovered Hunky Dory yet do take a look at their website but please don't blame me if you come away with a dent in your bank balance I always do.

Cato the Elder and Professor Picklepants (who incidentally tends to wait till I get up in the morning and then jumps into the warm spot) are starting to circle ready for their dinner. They're late tonight actually the circling usually begins about 3:30pm when their dinner is at 5:30pm so I had better go and feed them and finish off the Railway Mans trifle - after I put the cream on I'm going to top it with a few little sugar hearts. x


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