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Well here we are the last day of 2019 and to be honest I won't be sorry to see the back of it apart from our wonderful Disney World holiday in November it's been a bit of a year. My husband was diagnosed with diabetes and I've been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, not to mention the fact that both our mums have had to spend time in hospital. But I'm determined that 2020 is going to be a better year for us and hopefully for you too, to this end I feel the need to be far more organised than I've been before and actually I'm quite excited about it as another part of my need for more organisation is that I am planning to do finally what I've always wanted to do and try to get my own small craft business off the ground, I'll keep you posted. As well as the calendar, diary and planner above which I will be starting to fill in later I also have the app on my phone which I really like especially as I can write my grocery list on it no more forgetting it when I go to the supermarket :)

Moving on from my organisational plans a quick update on Cato and The Professor is that they are both sitting eagerly (and hopefully) on the kitchen floor when it's still half an hour until their dinner time.

Here's a picture I wanted to show you, this is Wilbur and Winnie the piggy couple I made who will soon be joined by the piglet I showed you last time, I didn't think I had a picture of them but 'ta da' here they are.

They were so much fun to make, I always love the point at which you put all the pieces together and suddenly a little creature is staring at you. As you can see Winnie also got a flower and a tutu I had never made a tutu before so I was pretty pleased with the way it came out, it is made by cutting lots of equal strips of sparkly net I cut them about 1 inch by 4 inches folding them in half in two's and joining them together with a running stitch at the folds, when it was long enough to go around Winnie I took a length of 1 inch wide ribbon and folded it in half over the sewn edge pinned then sewed it on then I put it on Winnie and stitched it together at the back. You could of course cut a longer piece of ribbon so you can tie a bow at the back.

Well I better go and feed Cato and The professor, Happy New Year to all reading this and to your families see you in 2020

P.S the elephant is coming on well, hope to show him to you tomorrow.

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