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Teddy Bears and extra cats.

How do you start a teddy bear race?

Ready, TEDDY, Go.

I couldn't resist, yes I know I should have tried! Wow 6 days since I wrote my last entry, far to long. So I have finished the teddy and I really like the way it has turned out though because of the way I have stuffed it and the positioning of the arms and legs as well as the difference in colour it looks really quite different to the original picture, I'll show you both.

This one as you can see is my creation, the yarn is a cotton one and quite soft and nice to work with it's Stylecraft Classique Cotton in Vintage Pink.

This is the original bear image from the magazine, you can see how different they are, I just find it so fascinating that I can follow the pattern to the letter, except with regards on how to stuff and of course I used safety eyes and made the nose of felt, um so I didn't really follow it to the letter did I. What I mean is I followed the pattern for each piece and still got a different result see fascinating.

When I started this blog one of the things I introduced myself as was a Christmas nut and I'm sure you've been thinking 'but Ylva it's the middle of January and you've not let out a peep about Christmas!' well fear not preparation for Christmas 2020 has already started behind the scenes. I have as I usually do been buying some gifts in the sales, things that don't have best before dates obviously. I always stock up on body and bath gift sets and any things I see that would particularly suit someone on my list and yes I have checked my list twice. Also today a Christmas Crochet booklet has arrived from Amazon which is exciting there's a very cute gingerbread man on the cover with about 10 other projects inside including a quirky Christmas pudding tea cosy which I just have to make despite the fact I don't get the teapot out very often. If you fancy looking it up on Amazon its called 'Christmas Crochet Book 5' and is by Zoe Halstead.

I have also introduced you to Cato the Elder and Professor Picklepants but I expect you're wondering where the extra cats of the title come in, they belong to next door who don't have a cat flap, we have a cat flap and so Lady J and her 5 month old son Jr have been trying quite hard to move into our house for a while now and please don't get me wrong they are lovely cats but they aren't OUR cats. Let me introduce you

This is Lady J making herself quite at home

and this is Jr trying to pretend he isnt there!

They definitely annoy Cato the Elder who has taken to having literal hissy fits as in he hisses at everything. The Professor is more sanguine about it and we do find them everywhere including (and I was laughing so hard I forgot to take a photo) upside down in a bag of dry cat food. You can imagine the scenario we had a 2kg open bag of cat crunchies on the side in the kitchen, Cato and the Professor have always been very good at not jumping on the side so not a problem. One evening I hear a suspicious rustling and crunching from the kitchen and investigate to find 2 little black and white legs and a little black tail are sticking out the top of the bag of food the rest of the kitten is face down in the bag having a snack! Needless to say we bought a box for the cat food the next day and they haven't worked out the clips............ yet. We are planning to get a microchip cat flap so only our boys can get in, I do worry about Jr though he will probably spend the first week concussed from trying to head butt the door open. I have just realised you've not yet seen Cato or the Professor, I must take their picture for you for next time.

Right I'm off the cook the Railway Mans dinner and start a new project, bear or bunny or maybe chick, I'll let you know x.

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