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Weird Day

It's been rather a weird day, I woke up about 3am in pain and never really got back to sleep so I ended up having my breakfast with hubby (hereafter known as the Railway Man) about 5:30 which I never do days that start with a 5 are just not in my vocabulary! The result of this was that I found myself Hobbit like at half past 10 having second breakfast which totally confused my inner clock and then finishing the bunny took far longer than I expected, I always seem to think 'oh yes I can do that in an hour' and then find it takes 3 hours but I did finish the bunny and I'm glad I took the extra time because I like the way it has turned out despite the attention of Cato the Elder who jumped on the table to do an inspection of my work and it must have passed muster as he just headbutted me and jumped down, he has a nasty habit of walking across the laptop keyboard when I'm typing too especially if its almost food time I'm really quite lucky he hasn't managed to post anything yet !

Anyway back to the bunny it's time for a picture

I'll admit that the nose is a little wonky but I feel that it adds to her charm. You may have noticed that I put belly buttons on my little creatures, I started doing it last year and it stuck as I think they're rather cute. I also have another picture to show you as I have also just finished an otter in a tiny sweater and waistcoat, another one from the 'Animal Friends of Pica Pau' book I have alreday spoken of.

What do you think? To be honest I need to practice my photography as these aren't great pictures but he's a cute little chap. Both of these are made from Caron Simply Soft which I've probably already told you I love working with and it comes in So Many colours!!!

I've also been trying out my Prism brush markers in the last few days as I was making a birthday card with a banana on it (long story) and had to draw one which gave me a perfect reason to have a play. You're thinking 'yes but just the yellow' no indeed as I had to put a monkey on it too though when you see it please understand the scale is meant to be wrong. The markers were a real pleasure to use and they come double ended with a brush tip one end and a fine tip the other so you can both outline and colour in or use the fine tips for small spaces and detail the markers came from another of my favourite online shops I love their range of styles and designs they really have something for everyone and their cardmaking kits are great, do have a look at their website.

Here's the finished card told you the scale was wrong and just as I was finishing it I found some googly eyes I'm a big fan of googly eyes.

I've also started another trifle for the Railway Man like the one I put on here in my first post as he does love a trifle I've got the jelly layer full of strawberries setting in the fridge ready for the custard and cream layers tomorrow and I am going to make some meringues too as I can't let the egg whites go to waste after the yolks go into the custard. when I started writing I felt like it had been a weird day but I'm ending with feeling like it has been a good one.

Now I'm off to open the yarn delivery that came earlier x

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