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Woo Hoo I'm live

After spending the last couple of days wondering why this site hadn't been published yet I finally realised I hadn't hit the 'publish' button … Whoops lol. I have now quite obviously pressed the button and my thoughts and ideas are out there for others to see.

I know my last post said come back tomorrow to see what I've been up to but work intruded I'm afraid, Friday and Saturday I was at work and due to my fibromyalgia making me very tired not coherent enough to string more than a sentence together when I got home. Today though I'm rested, there's food in the cupboard again (we were down to sweets, cheese and crackers) and we're in the process of reclaiming the house from the mountain of packaging that seems to come with Christmas.

I have also now finished the latest project I was working on, even after work though I'm tired I find my crochet to be therapeutic, unless I have Professor Picklepants on my lap. He will watch the yarn moving quite happily for a while then suddenly cat instinct kicks in and he starts attacking it madly more than 1 project has been put in jeopardy through this! This project though has made it with only 1 untimely attack, I have been making a piglet for a friend, it started when she asked if I could make her a pig sometime as she loves them and so Wilbur was born, after several months there was some speculation that he really should have a wife for company and so I made him a wife Winnie well now they have been together for some months it seemed only right they had a piglet.

The piggy family were all made from the same pattern though I altered the pattern as I went for the piglet because I wanted him short and chubby. The pattern I used was from the fabulous book Animal Friends Of Pica Pau which I bought from it has 20 lovely and whimsical animal patterns in it most wearing clothing or with accessories and just looking through it always makes me smile. With the 3 little pigs I used different yarns and hook sizes to get the different sizes I wanted, Wilbur is made of Caron Simply Soft which I love working with, Winnie a dk yarn pink and sparkly and the piglet in a fine cotton yarn, all of the yarn came from almost my favourite place to buy yarn, they have so much!

I was very lucky at Christmas my sister E gave me 2 new crochet books and my sister S an amazon voucher hmm books or yarn? I also got some money so wool warehouse here I come, I'm off to shop online and then start an elephant. XX

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